A once-respected academic games conference has turned into such a dumpster fire that Steve Bannon is keynoting it now

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I know some Finnish ludologists, serious academicians all, and they’re baffled and horrified by this change.


Why would a Malaysian Chinese give a platform to a white supremacist whose fevered memories of Muslim hordes in Karachi are probably really of Chinese people in Hong Kong?


Hold an unofficial hackercon in the same locale?


image Hey - big draw guys. This is the crowd level he’s drawing now.


His little bio blurb doesn’t really scream close personal concern for perceptions of Malasysia or muslims(he could be one; doesn’t say; but guy born in Australia and with enough status that he probably get to pass as one of the more tan flavors of pretty much white is less likely to be or feel like he is among those in the line of fire, at least for now).

Also, more generally, it seems like team white supremacy not infrequently has a carve-out for certain types of Asian extraction(most vehement among the ones who think that feminism has ruined everything and need a reason for why their desire for an exotic and submissive mail order bride isn’t race treason and white genocide; but has platonic manifestations as well).

As long as he is their kind of crank I see no reason why the rules wouldn’t cover this case. Possibly not among the low-information nativists who can’t tell a Sikh from a Muslim and start shooting anyway; but(despite his cultivation of a contrary impression when it suits him) Bannon isn’t one of those. He’s an abjectly terrible person; but neither dumb nor uninformed.

And, since the Internet isn’t complete without Godwin’s law; might as well mention how even the original , non-neo, Nazis managed to find room on the team for select Asian backgrounds.


“Silent Majority” has reached Canadian Girlfriend* levels of ridiculousness…

*Apologies to those who have, or may be, actual Canandian girlfriends.


I do wonder how “gamergate” might work into the politics of this…


Too many people fixate in “White” part of White Supremacy. The key is in “Supremacy”. There are millions of people who might not be white but sure as hell wanna feel superior to others.


The original Nazis’ Japanese allies had their own racial hierarchy.

A believer in the Yamato race theory, Kishi had nothing but contempt for the Chinese as a people, whom he disparagingly referred to as “lawless bandits” who were “incapable of governing themselves”.[34] Precisely for these racist reasons, Kishi believed there was no point to establishing the rule of law in Manchukuo, as the Chinese were not capable of following laws, and instead brute force was what was needed to maintain social stability.[34] In Kishi’s analogy, just as dogs were not capable of understanding abstract concepts such as the law, but could be trained to be utterly obedient to their masters, the same went with the Chinese, whom Kishi claimed were more mentally closer to dogs than humans.[34] In this way, Kishi maintained that once the Japanese proved that they were the ones with the power, the dog-like Chinese would come to be naturally obedient to their Japanese masters, and as such the Japanese had to behave with a great deal of sternness to prove that they were the masters.

Oh, and Kishi was the grandfather of the current Prime Minister of Japan.


His usual payment of a handle of Old Crow and an 8 ball of meth saved the day. Should be a doozy of a speech.


Tearing my eyes away from the horror that is Father Jack/Steve Bannon…

…that carpet. It’s like someone skinned the 1970s and laid its pelt across a small part of the MidWest.


That guy in the corner… Is he… Peeing?


So… a guy gets control of something that he doesn’t seem to really understand, lashes out at his critics, makes highly dubious decisions, says that huge numbers of people actually support him on the internet, and are joining in droves, and is getting involved with Steve Bannon.

Are he and Trump brothers from other mothers?

The life-long gamer in me would actually be interested in hearing Steve Bannon try to explain video games. Like, “train wreck watching” interested.


Can the world please stop giving this human pustule a platform and just let him go back to being an armchair historian and all around hack?


I had work in ACE over a decade ago. At the time, it was a pretty good conference. Oh, well. There is a line in my CV that isn’t aging well.




No, he can stop doing that shit, too.


I would say that Bannon’s link to GG would make him an excellent subject for a keynote speech at an academic conference about video games. I absolutely don’t think he should be the one giving the speech. But the recent linked history between video game culture, GG, and the current shitty state of the world is absolutely something that I would be fascinated to hear about

And if a games conference were able to discuss any interaction between games & politics without just throwing up their hands and disclaiming all responsibility and saying “hey, it’s just games, nothing political” that would be pretty impressive


Nah. Don’t get me wrong. Not trying to divert or detract from White part in white supremacy. Just saying that there is a mechanism how non-white person could get hooked on similar rhetorics. Thus Kanye und Trump bromance…