A parody of that Jason Aldean song but with things you might actually see in a small-town

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This is missing the guy pedaling by who has a case of beer on the handlebars of a bicycle because he lost his license due to drunk driving.


I’d add “a shirtless guy on the street riding a BMX bike that’s way too small, you see that in a small town.”


IDK the small towns I’ve been in or driven through over the past few years all you see are brand new Ford F150s and the like. 'murica is doing ok despite what the gQp is say’n.

Funny, you’d be surprised how much of that one sees in the “modern” megalopolis of Northern Virginia DC Maryland.


needs more cigarettes.


$60,000 truck parked in front of a $50,000 trailer.

That’s what it’s like in the small town in from.


There are an awful lot of small towns that are decidedly left-wing-- small towns in any blue state, almost any town that has a decent sized liberal arts college, and lots post-hippie enclaves like Aspen and Carbondale CO, Taos NM, Marfa TX, etc etc. Don’t fall for the myth that conservatives have some monopoly on small town life.


I just recently passed a dude driving a lawnmower down th street. Always makes you wonder if it is a suspended-license drunk or helpful neighbor going to mow the elderly neighbor’s lawn (like dad always did). Because you definitely see both in a small town.

And big towns.

George Jones’ Infamous Lawnmower Ride the Subject of New Mural.


Hilarious! But serious question… what town was this shot in? They still have a Radio Shack that’s open?!? Damn I miss me some Radio Shack.


There are still some independently owned Radio Shacks around the country; do a Google Maps search filtered on Open Now. Many look pretty sad because they’re combo’d with other concerns. The one above appears to also rent U-Haul on the side.

I did a fast dig of the street view on open sites, but couldn’t place this one. It looks like a GA/SC/NC town in drone view, but it’s not an RS location I could spot.

ETA: This was filmed around Union, SC. (Can you tell I’m procrastinating on doing other things?!)

Shack gmap


Can you tell I’m procastinating on doing other things?!

You and me both! :rofl: I believe the drone shots (at least the opening one) was shot in Winchester, KY. I was able to find the street view of the building where Jako’s Boutique used to be here.

I was googling for “Radio Shack KY”, and you’re right, there’s quite a few! I feel better knowing that there’s other cool people out there just as obsessed as me in finding locations. We are cool, right?

Business Man Ok GIF


“Try That in a Small Town” is their “Puff the Magic Dragon.”

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We cool!

And yeah, I spent some time stalking Winchester-area Shacks as well. The Wingz bar, Courthouse, and the RS are in Union, but Winchester is 6hrs further away. Road trip!


Oh shit! I’m there! Now I can finally get that last battery on my Radio Shack Free Battery Club card!


I live in a small town, like under 2000 people. There’s a wide range here, from fancy new trucks and McMansions just across the road from the hundred year old farm house with 25 year old trucks and moldering farm equipment.

I don’t really know how well anyone is really doing, because we’re in the old house with the old trucks, and we really are fine (because expenses are low). The people in the new $350,000 houses across the road, who knows, they might be frantic about money every day. I’d rather be low dollar net worth positive, over living in a fancy house and drive a brand new car, but feel insecure.

Yeppers, here too.


Oh. My. Word. Suppressed memory - unlocked! (not US, UK circa 1980’s)


I thought I was the only one that did that around here…! :smile:

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Bonus points if you still have your card!


This is pretty much why I traded an American small town for a Swiss one. :cry:

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