"Gonna round up": CMT yanks Jason Aldean song about "good ol' boys" killing you-know-who after new music video shot at site of notorious lynching

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Same shit, different day.

May his bad karma be swift and painful.


In America, maybe. Small towns in Canada are delightful, including mine. The only crime we’ve had in the last month was a guy who had a wallet taken from the dash of his unlocked truck. The police blotter regularly has stories like “unknown horse found, returned to owner” and “elderly woman assisted with groceries”. :rofl:


Yeah… that was kind of the point. To my knowledge, Canada doesn’t have the same deeply entrenched bloody history with lynching Black people that America does.


Sadly I can’t say the same for my “small” town of 28K people. Far too many Prime-Minister-Sex-Trucks, increasing number of white-pride-adjacent stickers, the frequent vandalization of pride sidewalks and more than zero swastikas spraypainted this year.
Crime is only as our police enforces/records what they feel is important.

– edit to add: In Alberta if you couldn’t guess


There was a reason why many fleeing slaves ended up in Canada after the fugitive slave law was passed in 1850… but Canada has it’s own struggles with race and racism, much like any settler colony…


We have our own terrible past deeds to be sure, but at least for the moment our small towns haven’t yet been ruined by red-state-like policies.


If you think this is bad, wait for his follow-up song: “Day of the Rope”.


Thanks for the reminder; I might have otherwise forgotten how very imperiled I and many Others here in the US are.


The problem with the song, though, is how it’s dredging up the past, I’d argue. Yes, he’s talking about the here and now, but he’s clearly referencing past racial violence. Having not gotten to visit your lovely country, I have no doubt what you say is true… but the point here in the song is indeed the past, and trying to bring that kind of “justice” back to the present, primarily to enforce racial hierarchy.

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I wish I did not have to know it, though.

I know a little. And we had those too, as did Australia… Just awful, awful stuff.


Primarily around the treatment of the indigenous population. If you want to feel better about America, read up on what they’re finding buried under the Canadian Residential Schools now. It’s not for the feint of heart.


Mr. Aldean was apparently born in Macon, GA, and lives in Nashville, TN. His experience and understanding of actual “small towns” is wholly LARP-based.


“No man, that part about getting a rope and doing a hanging was just about putting up a tire swing!”


Fucking A; it’s a tacit THREAT, reeking of stochastic terrorism.

Hearing how ‘great’ Canada is by comparison does nothing to help remedy the dire situation.


Yes, sorry, we’re kinda getting entwined in different conversations here, which I caused with my glib reply to Rob’s postscript. I don’t want to distract from the main point of a guy writing a song about lynching in 2023. I’ll stop derailing now. :smiling_face:

Edit: maybe mods wanna just remove my whole derail. It’s making the conversation worse.


The yellow vests and freedom convoy were still real things in Canada too. Heck, somehow you even get MAGA hats. I guess not at all associated with small towns, then?


“Jason Aldean, who was onstage during the mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert in 2017 that killed 60 people and wounded over 400 more — has recorded a song called Try That In A Small Town about how he and his friends will shoot you if you try to take their guns,” tweeted Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action, a group that works to address gun culture in the U.S.



The important thing to remember is that a lot, if not most of the supporters of right-wing populist garbage like this song in both countries are affluent white exurbanites and suburbanites who essentially cosplay small-town and rural lifestyles.

And as I’ve said before, I’ve seen more billboards about meth and opiate abuse and about bail bond services and criminal defense lawyers along the rural highways between big cities than I’ve seen in any of the big cities themselves.


Let’s shift that conversation to another post, please.

This topic is about a threat in song form, which basically praises lynching.


What the ACTUAL FUCK? I just… no words.

Still, it was “nice” of him to explicitly make the connection between anti-BLM sentiment and lynching… Thanks for showing us exactly who you are, asshole.