Jason Aldean's "Try That in a Small Town" video shows footage from riots in other countries and his fans are sending threats to the Tik Toker who found the real sources

Originally published at: Jason Aldean's "Try That in a Small Town" video shows footage from riots in other countries and his fans are sending threats to the Tik Toker who found the real sources | Boing Boing


Real Americans™ don’t like it when their country cosplay heroes are exposed as phonies.


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Things Jason Aldean has done in a small town:
Raged that the front desk isn’t picking up the phone to take his room service order.


no doubt she’s getting threats from aiden’s bootlickers… with that crowd, 1st step is bernal rhetoric. 2nd step is violence.


My god, this is horrible. What’s with the American obsession with moulding? Trim like that can look good, but it has to be used sparingly. This looks like it’s more moulding than wall or ceiling.


Because he doesn’t realize that there’s no room service in small towns and there aren’t many other options beyond one or two fast food places (if you’re lucky). The only reason the motel still exists is because once a month the National Guard soldiers stay there because it’s cheaper than the motels near the base and the commute is only 30 minutes longer.

Room service; try that in a small town.


Odd that he didn’t use footage of violent riots in the US. It’s not like there’s a shortage of it available. Why, I can find footage in a matter of seconds of an angry group of crazed assholes from just a couple years ago storming the Capit…oh. Well, what about the time the angry man drove his car into…huh. Surely all the folks who show up and wave guns because drag…you don’t say? So his fans don’t want to be in his video?


Remember “Judge” Roy Moore?


Fonie Fascists of a Feather Flock together. Dropkick Murphys "All You Fonies" (Music Video) - YouTube


Back in the day George W. Bush had his ad nauseam platitude of “small town values.” Having first-hand experience in a small town, I knew reality was far from “Mayberry.” But the image worked for a lot of people and he got elected (by the Supreme Court).

When Bush was out of office, I thought that was it. That was the bottom. Everything would be up from there. Nope, they keep on digging.


Maybe this Jason fella could tell his fans not to such assholes, stop with the threats and all that. He has a stage after-all. But his silence is approval. POS.


“Lets get that woke librul female who saw through the bullshit on that video!!!” was just about the response i would have expected.


It’s very easy to do it wrong (e.g. by assuming corners are 45 degrees) but easy to do it right (use an angle finder) so molding is well-optimed for premium mediocre ecologies.


He wanted BLM riot footage, but most of the footage he found showed black people running away from fully armed cops. If he wanted mass violence in American cities, he just needed to find a city that won a sports championship - oops, too many white people tearing stuff up.


My theory is that it’s a certain horror vacui brought on by spaces that are entirely too big to be livable.


Reagan and Bush sold nostalgia for small town TV sitcoms, not reality. Never reality. Unfortunately for the GOP, the voters they need to con today barely remember Father Knows Best. It’s tough to convince people these days that Gilligan’s Island was a literal portrayal of American life.

  1. left it behind.

I guess he currently lives in a huge Florida beach house, but prior to that he was living in a city (Nashville, of course) and once he got big enough a mansion just outside Nashville.

He also has another song about leaving his small town. The one he didn’t grow up in.


It’s already been mentioned in other threads but just so no one forgets the per-capita violent crime rate is statistically higher in rural areas than in urban areas, so this myth about the inherent superiority of “small town values” needs to go.

Hell, look at Cabot Cove. The population was maybe 3500 people and they had a murder every week.


Having been rejected by The Marketplace of Ideas™, America’s Neo-Fascist Party has decided to abandon democracy and simply use violence to force their point across.

If they did, there would have been more outrage when Real Americans saw footage of Uvalde police officers running and cowering rather than confronting the shooter who killed several children while they were hiding. It’s much easier to pretend to be The Thin Blue Line when all you have to do is play paramilitary dress-up at an Air-Soft course on the weekend and then go back to your truck that’s covered in Punisher bumper stickers.