A poison specialist is accused of killing his wife — by poisoning her

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Not very sophisticated. Didn’t we see this in an episode of House?

" House meets with his team. He thinks the patient was given gout medicine - Colchicine- instead of cough medicine - a pharmacy screw up. It explains all the symptoms."


Why 2nd degree? Are they saying this wasn’t premeditated? How could that possibly be true?


That stuff is nasty - I had a very in depth experience with it mid August.

Yes, the symptoms are similar to food poisoning - you can’t hold either food or water, from both ends, dehydration, general weakness.
For me it was either that, or forfeit my 10 days trekking in the Alps.

It’s very effective against a gout attack, I’ll give you that.
I went from ‘can barely walk’ to ‘1500 m elevation, 18 km’ in 24 hrs (not nice with the aforementioned side-effect, but I managed).


Not about the truth, it’s what you can prove.


I mean, could be a big coincidence; a guy would have to be a total moron to murder someone they know personally with their own speciality.

“The complaint says they told police Connor, who used to work at the Mayo Clinic, contacted the office to halt the autopsy and push for Betty’s immediate cremation, saying she “didn’t want to be a cadaver.” He had also contacted one of the death investigators to inquire about the scope and timeline of the toxicology analysis.”

Yeah, okay, that. . .that’s pretty dumb and suspicious.


recently worked at the University of Kansas fielding poison-control calls

Hey, Kansas is in the news!

was arrested on October 20 and charged with second-degree murder


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That’s astoundingly dumb.

  1. they ALWAYS look at the spouse
  2. they ALWAYS look at the insurance
  3. He didn’t even try the “you think I’d be dumb enough to poison her? in my line of work?” defense?
  4. He had to LOOK IT UP?!?!
    4a) On a university computer

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