A quick "fuck you" of a card trick


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Wow weee…


Thanks, likewise.


The one time we really need a GIF and…no GIF?

I mean, you gave the frigging electric fork a GIF:




A GIF would make the 3-second video redundant, wouldn’t it? Not saying it can’t get annoying at times, but I always though the point of the GIFs was to give a quick highlight of the full thing. When the full thing IS a quick highlight, then…?


a GIF is a gift from the redundant redundancy department



Oh, for the purposes of this post you’re absolutely right. But a GIF of this would go viral. Why not be the progenitor of the next annoying fuck you meme!


No no, that’s Department of Redundancy Department.

[EDIT: Whoops, belated warning: clicking that link will lead you down a rabbit hole and ruin your vocabulary.]


no TV tropes link warning? you’re cruel



sometimes it’s the only and right decision


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