Forced GIFs are the new forced memes


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I think I saw this as a sketch on College Humor or Cracked at some point as a joke. I feel like it was a good joke, but not such a good practical idea (which made it a good joke).


I wonder how many years before I’m cowering in a corner of my apartment trying to avoid the gaze of my screen like Winston Smith?


welp, now might be time to stop using giphy for me




GIFs (pronounced like “gifts” without the T) are now so ubiquitous…

Ladies and gentlemen, the verdict is in.




Needs more brand synergy…


I saw a similar sketch involving a casting call for LOLcat memes.





And of course, Facebook GIFs – which IMO is THE best feature to arrive on the platform in a long time – will prioritize the GIFs with ad content.

Oh I know, I’ll stop using Facebook as a protest! That’ll show them!


For a long time I thought of this very BBS as a land of Forced GIFs


“That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works!”


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