A retrospective on the making of Tie Fighter

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LOVED TIE Fighter! One of my favorite favorite games. I remember upgrading my computer at the time so I could play X-wing and Tie. Good times.


The pinnacle of my early teen years was playing TIE Fighter and chatting on the flight sim forum on Compuserve with fellow fans who roleplayed Rebel, Imperial, and mercenary Star Wars pilots. We made our own missions, modded ships in the game, and wrote really bad mary sue fan fiction. I learned a lot from having to download zip files, compile programs, and learn hex editing.

I wish they’d revive the Star Wars flight sim franchise and not just make more arcade style games. I got TIE Fighter and the other flight sims on Steam for cheap last year but I’d love to see a new entry.


Such an innocent time.


This is where Lucas decided that Greedo shot first

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And Maclunkey was just a twinkle in his eye …


I still can’t believe they haven’t made a modern sequel or remastered version of this game. But at the same time, Star Wars is very different now from the “dark times” between Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace. The games and novels of the time (especially TIE Fighter, Dark Forces and the Zahn trilogy) captured a more dark, mysterious side of the Star Wars universe that was completely washed away by the goofiness of the prequels. At least for me, at some point between then and now, Star Wars transformed from an immersive universe to something more distant and shallow.

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