Star Wars' "Dark Forces" remastered: A classic returns

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I still play the original Doom and its various releases.

I am looking forward to having enough graphics power to use the ray traced version, but I still like the original.

But then, of course, I got a new computer. The game wasn’t supported, so the disks went in a box and never came out again. It’s disappointing that I would never be able to play it again.

What? When? I re-played Dark Forces on Windows 98 machines, and I think XP.

And even later they have DOS emulators you could play this and other old games on.

Anyway - loved the original. It’s been a long time since I played it, but man was it good for the time.Great story, cool new lore. Wonderful Midi soundtrack and sound effects.


But it was also immediately apparent how incredibly far gaming has come since then. It kind of blew my mind.

Man, I got the re-release of Bounty Hunter on PS, as I never played the original. And the controls are so damn clunky its a chore to play though!


DOS game support was getting a little iffy by the time of XP, given the move to an NT base and removal of real mode, so it’s possible. But honestly, who knows?

I fondly remember this game from when it came out. It was the first FPS I played where the levels were believably simulations of inhabited places instead of abstracted game arenas where the layout were purely informed by the gameplay.
It was also the first game that introduced levels that caused delicious vertigo because the buildings were so tall, you could look up and down, and you could die from falls.

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