Remaster of beloved Star Wars game disappoints across the board

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Boomers? Boomers didn’t play those games. We’re just using boomer as a synonym for anyone over 45 now, or what? Hell, I’m Gen X and I never played these games.


I was born in 1964 so as a tail end boomer this is not nostalgia games for me.

I thought it was this classic Star Wars game that I played in an arcade. It’s on my MAME setup, I think I’ll play it when my wife goes to the grocery store today, unless I scroll past Joust or Tapper or Space Invaders first. There’s some nostalgia.


Sounds like a win to me.


“Boomer” is becoming the popular but randomly incongruous sneer among some of the front-pagers. It was also used in the article about the dollar-store cinnamon recall earlier this month. Because I guess we need to feel contempt for the extreme age of people who play 20-year-old computer games and who are also in the low wealth bracket to need to shop at dollar stores.


I was born in 1968, so I’m among the older Gen Xers. Like I said, I also didn’t play the Battlefront games. That was a bit after my initial gaming peak. I do remember that arcade game, though.


Battlefront came out in 2004. My (1965) kids played it.

I played the arcade game (nod to @tcg550) and X-Wing (with its sequels)


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I’ve gotten used to “Boomer” being used to refer to GenX, but it’s confusing within the context of “Is it still going to give you more or less the same experience you had in college?” which implies it’s referring to… Millennials? That’s a new one for me.


“Remasters” are almost always a bad idea (see the remaster of Blade Runner, as an example). Just play the original on DOSBox or similar environment, fer cryin’ out loud, and revel in the retro. Updating the graphics with a slap-dash coat of paint is a half-assed way to do it, and usually looks terrible on modern systems anyway - a quick money-grab for studios who don’t want to commit to a proper remake.


As a GenX’r I wish I could be bothered to care about being called a boomer.


I’m 22. Everyone is a boomer to me.


Boomers? boomers? =( For this Gen X that was one of the star wars game IP’s I actually played that and the older Star Wars X wing game.

disagree. I want a 4k version of the original Zelda game and a link to the past. Just update the graphics maybe add an updated soundtrack leave game play the same. Maybe tweak the UI since you have more space now.

I’d happily grab remasters of the L4D series as well.

Edit: maybe this “boomer” is unclear on “remaster” vs “remake”.

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Does it have to be 4k? The current model Switch doesn’t even hit that. We could continue using the engine built for the Link’s Awakening remake. That’s 1080p and a worthwhile upgrade for both games. Let’s throw in the Oracle games while we’re at it!


ironically, mic drops also go *boom* :wink:

in the context of star wars, i think this is a remaster:

( only a master of evil, darth )

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Not that you want to have the same problems, but I’m pretty sure high lag would be necessary to truly recreate the original experience.


It’s also amusing on the other end of the spectrum. Not all elderly people today are young enough to be Boomers. There are people living today who were born before 1945!

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Biden is a good example. He’s not a Boomer. He’s from the Silent Generation. Our only President from that cohort, interestingly.