Far Cry 5 to get next-gen remaster as part of anniversary

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Remaster, but it’s a current console generation game?

No, it’s last gen. PS4 / One. It works on current gen, but it’s not current gen.

Recent enough and good enough that I really don’t see this as anything other than a money grab unless it’s free for current owners.


Yeah, kinda what I was thinking. Close enough to simply stay on game stores. Now if they were remastering Farcry 2 or 3, it’d be a bit different, but this is just Ubi going “people have money that should be ours” again.

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They’ve already brought 3 up to last gen standards. It came with the season pass for 5 or 6, don’t remember which. It’s also available separately, I bought it when it was on sale.

Looks like it’s a 60fps patch.

And for a game that is completely pointless, as no matter what you do, the ending is the same

The bad guys win and the bombs fall

as it leads in to Far Cry New Dawn

Which in many ways was a far superior game. It leaned heavily into the bonkers and absurd, and was a nice change of pace from the dourness of the previous one.

Video game remasters are generally a fresh coat of paint over the original. Improved textures, FPS boost, maybe some quality of life tweaks or other adjustments, maybe some minor new content. But it’s still the same game at its core. If you look closely you’ll see all the rough edges and you’re unlikely to see any substantive changes.

A remake on the other hand is a different story as it’s often a ground-up recreation of the original. Sometimes they take remastered assets from the original and use a modern engine, or sometimes it’s completely redone from scratch although that’s rare. Far Cry 5 is previous generation, so there’s pretty much no chance this would happen right now.

I was being quite literal, the headline oversold it. It’s a patch that brings the last gen version up to 60 fps on current gen. On Playstation at least, there’s still only the PS4 edition and Ubi has said it’s out.

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