A ridiculously beautiful BMW R100

Ghost is right there in the name, this bike want’s to end the rider’s life, and then they go to hell, and then chains and fire skull, etc…


That cat’s got one snazzy R[oomba]100. Personally I’d want more wind protection but if we’re just cleaning under the tables and a bedroom or two, it looks fine.

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Eye. .Beholder.

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About a 1/4 hour later I was standing next to it, listening to the engine cool down. I was lucky enough to have been invited down for the day.



Nothing good ever came from Gelsenkirchen. The greatest turd of a city. I know because I worked there for several years.

Edit: … and it’s in Ückendorf. The Gelsenkirchen of Gelsenkirchen :face_vomiting:


Why it was so bad?

It basically ranks last in every rating ever. The Wirtschaftswoche city ranking had Gelsenkirchen on the last place of the 71 largest cities in Germany.

Highest unemployment, lowest income, lowest life expectancy, lowest living quality, ugly as hell, Schalke 04 …

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