A shirt that depicts Sasquatch as a bloodthirsty apex predator


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“Ideal for job interviews.” Lol only in California.


Carter: You get bears around here?
Lupo: Heck, yeah.
Carter: I’ve never seen a bear do anything like that.
Lupo: Well, what else could it be?
Taggart: Gigantopithecus Americanus.
Carter: Taggart, what the hell?
Taggart: It could still be out there.
Carter: What?
Taggart: Note the large stride, trail of destruction, the extended footprint.
Carter: Tell me you don’t mean Bigfoot.
Taggart: I mean Gigantopithecus Americanus.
Carter: Let’s give him a sobriety test.
Lupo: How’d you get here so fast?
Taggart: Heard you on my scanner.
Lupo: And what, you were just passing by in full cammies and night-vision goggles?
Taggart: Yeah.
Lupo: Nice.
Carter: Hey, guys. Think we found our hit and run.
Lupo: Is that a body?
Carter: Not anymore.
Taggart: He’s saving the rest for later. That’s how they feed.
Carter: I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life.
Taggart: I have. It’s never pretty.
Carter: Would you stop with the Bigfoot? This is serious.
Taggart: I take Bigfoot very seriously.

Breach of accepted convention in zoology that rules the formal scientific naming of organisms treated as animals.
See errata thread for details:



If someone tries to use scientific looking names without sticking to The Code:

If it’s all about big feet:


Needs Cryptozoology tag.
And if it hasn’t yet been seen, paging @pesco


It’s always nice to know which buttons to press.


I cannot help but be reminded of this time my friend Laura tried to get me into drawing zines



So where is the Sasquatch vs human?




“You got nothing on me Sasquatch! You hear me??”


Imagining Sasquatch movie - cross between Predator and Southern Comfort.



It’s samsquantch Ricky, samsquantch.


I like the shirt. A lot.
But prices go up with popularity? I do not know as much as I would like to about crowdfunding, but it seems counter intuitive that the more they sell, the higher the prices go. Unless there are a fixed number being made, but I did not see on the site where that is the case.


Betcha. If any of the BB staff wants to trigger me, they just put non-Capitalised non-italicised species names in their posts, and call them latin names. (The latter might also result in @Medievalist tut-tuting, I think.)

And while cryptozoology might be on the fringes of established science, a serious cryptozoologist would, of course, stick to the code. No way anyone is going to take you seriously if you don’t.


I can edit, if it puts your mind at rest, Biologus admirabilis.


Now you got me conflicted: editing would fix the issue, but make this conversation unintelligible.

I suggest publishing an erratum in Mutants today, referencing post and follow-ups. That’s also good for our impact factor.