Sports journalist has awesome t-shirt


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Awesome shirt, where can I get one?


Don’t forget, and yes, it was real. Native American school inter-mural team.

I know it sold like hotcakes, and I don’t believe there were many complaints


This was a real minor league team in Atlanta.


the slogan really seals the deal ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ



Sports journalist has awesome t-shirt

Clearly ESPN’s Bomani Jones has great taste in t-shirts.


Jello Biafra - Mascot Mania Lyrics
Still think that the Redskins should go with the Washington Bribes…


Is it ok for me as a caucasian to wear such a shirt? I think they’re funny but I vaguely worry people might take it the wrong way and accost me.


even weirder was the negro league team


Unfortunately the linked site appears to be down.



Was going to say this really should say ‘Whities’, rather than ‘Caucasians’, to put it on more of a parallel.


I hate when regular BoingBoing readers turn out to be even more careless than regular Fox News readers.

(I’ma let you off easy, this time…)


Love LOVE that t-shirt, wish he hadn’t been asked to cover it up.

I actually listen to his podcast, The Evening Jones. Always gets me thinking differently about something, and sometimes laughing too.






Check and mate.


As a white guy, I would totally wear it. I dunno if I’m a good role model, though.


I didn’t post that one because it was just too damned weird.



Cool, but let’s not forgot the Seattle Sambos.