Sports journalist has awesome t-shirt

Casual racists don’t usually like it when someone holds a mirror up to them.


So, to have a problem with the logo of this, would be to have a problem with the Indians, but if you’re quiet about the Indians, and you got something to say about my shirt, I think it’s time for introspection.

But what if I have a problem with the Indians, but not a problem with his shirt?

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And what problem with the Indians might that be?

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Failing to re-sign Manny Ramirez, greatest right-handed hitter of his generation, back in 2000?


Their logo, I meant!


Also, a real baseball team:

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You don’t need to buy this shirt. Grab some crap pseudo script font online download a gif of Chief Wahoo and figure out how to use paint bucket.

This is weak lazy parody.

Secondly, the Indians have been down grading the logo for years. Easing it out to not set up a direct conflict with fans.

Thirdly, Chief Wahoo is still pretty popular because of what every third rate caricature artist and cartoonist knows. People love drawings with big eyes and huge smiles. The reason fans are fond of the logo seriously doesn’t go far deeper than that other than its familiarity.

But please don’t let me bother you. Get back to backslapping over your love of “edgy” social commentary. This comment thread is full of keen wits and moral fiber. As for me I’m going to make a design that’s far more barbed and funny.

Barbed, but not edgy?

Whatever. Can’t wait to see your design, since I’m sure you’ll be sharing it with us.

And btw, the issue isn’t just why fans “love” the logo (if they even actually do). It’s that the logo is a trifling, dehumanizing, stereotype-perpetuating piece of shit. Not that you’ve demonstrated any particular interest in such things.


Possibly the most passive aggressive graphic designer I’ve ever encountered.


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I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that you’re white and male, amirite?


[quote=“Monty_Rohde, post:30, topic:76301”]As for me I’m going to make a design that’s far more barbed and funny.

Hey privileged white man! Where’s your “far more barbed and funny” design you promised us two days ago?


Still on the hats. Still on the shirts. Still in the stadium. I think the “easing” you mention since I was a kid was that Jacobs Field doesn’t have the same giant neon sign on the outside that Municipal Stadium did.

Thankfully the Western Reserve Historical Society kept the sign for future generations. Wahoo indeed.

And i’t hard ot forget that that the fans certainly make up for it.

They’ve been talking about changing the name for a hundred years in the local paper. The ownership isn’t going to actually do anything about it however, but you keep the happy fantasy of “easing it out” if you want to.


[quote=“Monty_Rohde, post:30, topic:76301”]
But please don’t let me bother you.[/quote]

Oh, but you’re not, pumpkin; I just came to read the comments excoriating you.

You noticed! “Check out the big brain on Brad!”

Pics or it never happened.



Site is back up!

Well, there goes the neighborhood.


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