A short animated tour through every state in the US

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Hey, we haven’t annexed Turks and Caicos yet, have we?

I have a sneaking suspicion that intentional googling for things related to Trump pleasantly result in finding things like the US tour video.

How delightfully odd!

Notes: Delaware also has no sales tax. And there are several airports in each of Delaware’s counties, some of which do offer commercial air travel, they’re just not serviced by any huge national or international airlines. (You do have to drive almost 40 minutes to reach a major international airport from Delaware.)

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The golfcart place in GA is called “Peachtree City,” not “Peachtree.”

a buddy of mine is a refugee from there. didn’t fit in at all.


When he says “Portland, Oregon” the footage showing is actually of Seattle.

I have also discovered Wendover Productions. I’ve used their “What Makes Flying So Expensive” video to help explain why fuel costs are NOT the sole driving factor for newly created flight paths that are ruining our communities as a result of the FAA’s NextGen adoption. Simplicity of these explanations helps make some basic points clear to some.

Conjunction Junction for the masses.

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That “north Texas is farther away from south Texas than from Michigan” claim doesn’t hold up, either by actual mileage, travel mileage, or time to travel.

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I came here to say this. Otherwise it was entertaining and informative.

Yet again someone focuses entirely on the NYC portion of NY. There’s plenty of interesting stuff in the rest of the state but sure, just tell us about those islands and New Jersey :rage:


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