How can I visit America?


If you vote Trump in?


I have to ask, how many countries are on your do not fly list, currently?


Why would you want to, if Trump gets in?

If Sanders gets up, I’ll want to move there.


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None. Well, NorKor.


America’s a big place. A really big place with lots of space.

If we get a President Trump, a lot of very weird fucked up shit could happen. But it’ll still be a great country in between the noise and clamor.

Paris would still have been Paris if Le Pen had been elected.


Very carefully…


Maybe if Trump gets elected, California will FINALLY secede from the union, and you can visit a whole new country!


WA will be joining Greater Canada. Feel free to visit!


I’ll be carrying my fancy new Republic of California passport!


Splitting into these would work.


On it… We want a moat, right?


Yes, please! One good quake oughtta do it. Beachfront property for everybody!


Huh, looks like I live in El Norte. Does that mean I’m free to travel back and forth from Mexico without a passport?


From reading the article, it looks like two nations would cover it:


According to Ghost in the Shell:



I’m still holding out for the independent socialist republic of Cascadia!


Watch out how many of those Jefferson State folks you include in your Southern boundary. :wink: