A signed Salvador Dalí woodcut print turned up in thrift shop

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when i was a teenager i had a terrible job (/mlm cult indentured servitude) selling framed art prints to businesses door-to-door. i was the reason “no soliciting” signs exist. once, driving through the resort towns of colorado, i stopped at a business and held up my wares, which must have been two framed dali prints. the business owner replied, “no thanks, i have originals!” and rather than scooting me away as was the custom, invited me in to gaze at flat-file drawers full of unseen dali drawings. it was really neat but i still couldn’t afford to eat that day.

p.s. the comment link for this story is broken i came in the back way because that’s what solicitors do.


If I invited you in to see my Dali prints (if I had any) and you showed an interest I’d at least offer you a beverage. Then again that level of conscientiousness might be why I don’t have any Dali prints, as much as I like his work.
And on the third hand if I did have that kind of money to throw around I might not waste it on Dali prints since I know he signed stacks of blank sheets.


Ugh… This summer I saw a huge George Bucquet cast glass bowl like this one at a charity store that shall remain unnamed. To their credit, they were asking a solid price given their usual clientele, but still only 1/4 of what a gallery could get for the same work.

I did point this out and suggest they contact the local gallery…


Everybody knows that he cultivated the ability to sign prints with both hands
to speed up the process, right?

I’m not saying that it’s not legit but didn’t they find a stash of blank but signed canvases when he died too?

/Source: my mom who studied him for a bit
//Me: no art historian by any means

I hadn’t heard that.
Now I have.
I’m not surprised.

I’m among those who take the process of surrealism
too seriously so I can’t stand his work.
Nor that Damn Magritte guy either.

These late period prints frequently pop up on eBay

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