Buy Salvador Dalí's unpublished notebook


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No Amazon affiliate link? Son, I am disappoint.


I could so totally use those pages for an awesomely rad DECOUPAGE project!


I bid three unpronounceable words.


If only Gala were alive to see yet another piece of Dali memorabilia fetching a high price.

If memory serves Dali had given Jean Cocteau an original painting as a gift. It was stolen and Dali said he’d be happy to paint Cocteau another. Gala overheard this and was quick to add, “Yes, and we’ll only charge you half what we’d charge a regular buyer.”


I bid one fish.


I bid four chairs and a two-headed llama.
One of the llamas bites, but I’m not telling which.


Dali’s Llama? That’s the one that goes Mu right?


FUN FACT: if you look at Dali’s work while undertaking an acid trip it all looks like Norman Rockwell paintings.


That’s a lot of money for a notebook where all the pages already used.




$45,000 for pages of Dali attempting to balance his checking account. This is good.


I left a box full of notebooks that look pretty similar in my mom’s attic…


I bid a single plum floating in perfume served in a man’s hat.


Is this a question on Boing Boing?


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