A skating video with a huge plot twist


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Nobody expects the spanish mackerel!


Well done Sir!


lucky it wasn’t an olliegator


In before “that poor carp!”


I dunno, I’m still a big fan of asking for things in a kindly manner.


Hunh. Carpe diem*, I guess.

  • latin for ‘Seize the carp’


I wonder how many times he had to practice that before he pulled it off in front of a crowd.


Carp the Day

I’ll try to live my life this way today, see what happens.


yep, totally didn’t see that coming. +1


Eh. I once caught a fish about 3" longer than that, dropping into the pond with a nosegrind-to-heelflip.



I was hoping for piranhas.


I was half-expecting to see a shark fin cutting through the water.


Methinks that fish be dead. Ever try and grab a fish, even one on a line? They’re really slippery, and one that large is really strong. I think it’s a salmon from the market.


Carpe cyprinus?

Or maybe carpo diem which I think means “nitpick the day”


You can show yourself out now, @gellfex. We don’t cotton to that type of factualism around these parts, Mr. Buzzkill.


The real plot twist is the turtle riding off underwater on the dudes skateboard, airbreathers always miss the good stuff.


Turtles breathe air.


Yup, got me too. With internet vids of skating, it seems to be either a totally insane trick being pulled off or severe bodily damage, often centered on the testicles. Fish? You go Mr. Shyamalan.


Been there, wouldn’t recommend it. Swimming around, minding your own business, and next thing you know a skateboard nearly falls on you, and then some asshole pulls you out of the water and holds you up like some kind of trophy!