A snuggle with Tribbles

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When I was a kid my mother used to buy synthetic fur, cut it into a figure 8, stitch it almost closed while fur side in, turn it inside out, fill it with beans and stitch it the rest of the way.

I wish she would have made one for me, too. :frowning:


I made a few for myself, back in the day. You really need to use the longer synthetic fur, as the short fur doesn’t cover the seam adequately.


Oh. So she didn’t sew a kitten into it… to get that purring action, then.



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It’s definitely best to have that phaser handy.

She did, but it was to get the walking action…

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Oh, come on, there’s no such things as “a few tribbles around the house”.

I mean, sure, you can briefly have “a few tribbles around the house”, but very soon it’s “a few more tribbles around the house” and then “wow, sure are a lot of tribbles in this house” and then “oh god, oh god, make them stop.”

And then Klingon warriors show up to exterminate them, which usually leaves your house a mess.

A plain old fur ball isn’t annoying enough. You need a Tribble that has a battery and makes irritating sounds and vibrations for the full effect.


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