A snuggle with Tribbles


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When I was a kid my mother used to buy synthetic fur, cut it into a figure 8, stitch it almost closed while fur side in, turn it inside out, fill it with beans and stitch it the rest of the way.

I wish she would have made one for me, too. :frowning:


I made a few for myself, back in the day. You really need to use the longer synthetic fur, as the short fur doesn’t cover the seam adequately.


Oh. So she didn’t sew a kitten into it… to get that purring action, then.




It’s definitely best to have that phaser handy.


She did, but it was to get the walking action…


Oh, come on, there’s no such things as “a few tribbles around the house”.

I mean, sure, you can briefly have “a few tribbles around the house”, but very soon it’s “a few more tribbles around the house” and then “wow, sure are a lot of tribbles in this house” and then “oh god, oh god, make them stop.”

And then Klingon warriors show up to exterminate them, which usually leaves your house a mess.


A plain old fur ball isn’t annoying enough. You need a Tribble that has a battery and makes irritating sounds and vibrations for the full effect.



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