A startup that will feed you while making airplane noises

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Hey this isn’t funny. Eating is hard. Do you know how many people were killed by meal-related accidents last year?

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This is a joke I did over a month ago at a show called Pitch! in San Francisco, wonder if this Nelson Pecora guy was in the audience? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCNMDd4WrUE


Saving lives, changing the world, disrupting what it means to eat. For millennia we have held forks, spoons and knives in a crude attempt to feed ourselves. That era is over. The future is here, and it makes airplane noises.

Good stuff!

Imitating your vehicle of choice. Mash it in the side of your face
Gold. :laughing:

Chopsticks do not make airplane noises.

I give you my personal guarantee that he was not(Of account of provably being in New York at the time), nor was @Heavyvoxel(Ditto, Chicago.) Nor was I, for that matter.(Australia.)

Good gig though. We should hang out next I’m passing through SF.

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