TastyFloats levitates food morsels to your mouth


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gravy airship


Wonder if it would be an approved method for communion wafers.


This has potential clinical applications. Many many mannnnny people have swallowing difficulty for hundreds of reasons. Anything that could potentially aid people’s self-care is a welcome advancement. I know this because my wife is a speech pathologist, specializing in brain injury and swallowing. I hear about this stuff ALL the time and it’s fascinating to a nerd like me.


The fuck am i reading?


This is 100% a goofy engineering design project and I salute its necessary pretense of practicality.


This makes me want to put on a sport coat with a tech-tee and jeans and thoughtfully mull to the board room, “Yes, but does it scale”.


Can’t be worse than Juicero


Aww hell. I guess I’m going home to throw away all my forks then. Or can I still use them to get toast out of the toaster?


Even the toast, and toaster, will levitate. No forks allowed


I’ll have what she’s having.


Gene Simmons is still finding work!?


The tech seems promising, but I am allergic to morsels.



Obligatory Red Dwarf antimatter chopsticks gif


I have a friend, married to man who has use of head and neck plus one hand. Mostly. This would be wonderful for him.


On the topic of bite-sized delivery, the kids and I just got back from an 800km drive to/from a hockey tournament. On the way out of town, we bought a bag of small candies each. The rule was, you could only eat one if you passed over or under a bridge. I can now report with confidence that on the trip from Vancouver to Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley, there are less bridges than M&Ms in a 120g bag.


I am going to remember that one for when my kiddo is a little older.

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