A steak dry-aged in maple syrup for 6 months

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Other than the idea of “what weird thing can a age my steak in” I don’t find much interesting in these videos.
However, if he were to take the “for science!” approach, I’d watch them regularly.


“For some odd reason maple syrup preserved the steak”

Is he really a chef? Sugar is an age-old preservative! And he was surprised by this? Ye gods!

And getting 8oz out of a 7lb joint (I think that’s what he said) is just offensively wasteful.


Big nope. I’m not a fan of dry-aged steak to begin with. To me, the flavor really lets me know I’m eating a dead animal - a long dead animal. Coating it with sugar seems extra revolting.


Yeah, it’s spoilage, just without the pathogens that can’t penetrate that deep. I worked for a butcher shop for a while and tasted a 420 day dry-aged steak. It tasted like it was dipped in acetone. Now, a steak aged that long is waaay outside the realm of what you’d get in a steak house, but it brought to the forefront the major flavor differences in fresh vs dry-aged and highlighted that you’re really tasting spoilage contaminants.

Also, even hinting that people should try dry-aging is terribly irresponsible. There is no non-commercial appliance that can maintain the proper environment to do it safely. Yeah, Kenji followed up with an article showing how you can fry age at home, but it requires a) using whole sub-primal cuts and b) a dedicated appliance that won’t be opened to get the ketchup or pickles.

‘Tis. It’s the meat version of the celebrity private jet scandal.


I’m all for tasting the beef if you’re gonna eat it. But dry-aging is just the dumbest, most wasteful way to eat meat, IMO. If you can’t produce one of the most flavorful carnivorous experiences imaginable using a fresh bone-in ribeye, you’re not a very good cook.


I’ve been doing it in these:

We age them in a kegerator that floats around 34-38 degrees. Wait 28-60 days add salt, pepper, olive oil and we’re good to go. We’ve done a couple hundred pounds and it’s always been awesome, but I love that cheesy black meat.

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Here’s Peter Luger’s dry-ageing method (30 days. No secrets given away, unfortunately.) Best steaks I’ve ever had:

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