A Stranger Things Eleven candle with a bleeding nose

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Too funny! Though I can’t imagine using it more than once or twice, so I’ll save the $$ instead.

Knowing candles as I do, I don’t think that would work.

Entrepreneur 1: Fuck, I got warehouse of young Octavian busts I can’t sell.

Entrepreneur 2: No problem, we slice off the head, bore out the skull, Voilà! Stranger Things girl candleholder.

Entrepreneur 1: It doesn’t even look like that girl.

Entrepreneur 2: We drill up the nostril so that a red candle will drip wax out her nose just like the nose bleed that Stranger Things Girl always gets. Genius!

Entrepreneur 1: No, it’s not genius, the wax will clog that small hole.

Entrepreneur 2: True dat, but it only has to work once. For the photo shoot, dumbass.

Entrepreneur 1: Genius!


Isn’t that the wrong nostril? It’s been too long since I saw Season 1, so maybe I’m misremembering. But this season, it’s definitely the other nostril.



You are correct – as a Stranger Things Superfan, I was going to point this out as well. :slight_smile:

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Me three.

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