A surgeon looks at Rodin's hands


Is Rench Art sort of like Fauvism in sculpture?

It takes a real artist to make a sculpture of a hand like that out of a Rench.

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Haha! You got me! Yep, a typo! Thanks!

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This is really fascinating, although I’m speaking as a humanities guy who’s always had a love for the sciences, even when the sciences didn’t love me back.

I remember reading something by the Marquis de Sade in which he suggested doctors should closely examine the hands of writers after death, to understand the long term effects of holding a writing instrument and moving the hand across the paper. He didn’t seem to think there would be any need for treatment of writers’ hands, but it’s not surprising that, as a compulsive writer, he would think about it.


That now gives us a way to precisely gauge the size of Rodin’s pecker!

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