A Surreal Vic Berger Edit of Melania Trump's Charm Offensive with Anderson Cooper on CNN


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/10/18/a-surreal-vic-berger-edit-of-m.html


Holy Fuck that was scary.


This election is making it progressively more challenging to out-surreal the original material.


That sounds like a challenge?


It’s like trying to do a trippy remix of a Dali painting.


Great, Fear and Loathing at Trump Tower. Just what my inner ear didn’t need.


While watching vic berger’s videos i can’t shake the feeling we all exist in philip k dick’s amphetamine fuelled imagination.

See also: election argle bargle/foofaraw.


Well, who hasn’t been led on by Billy Bush?


I see that Trump’s Grope-bus was sponsored by Verizon; the monster!


Here’s Vic Berger’s hilarious and disturbing edit of Melania Trump’s interview with Anderson Cooper on the Trump tapes.


Here’s Vic Berger’s hilarious edit of Melania Trump’s disturbing interview with Anderson Cooper on the Trump tapes.


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