A tale of two princess games


“Couple that with the widespread popularity of unofficial “UnDress”
patches and breast manipulation stats and you have a princess-raising
simulation where players could, if they worked at it, have
complete statistical control over a nine-year old blinking innocently,
nude, at the parent who was planning to marry them.”

There really isn’t a video game where this isn’t a possibility.

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Like many of the items of poorly-translated software floating around the internet in the '90s and '00s, it was also deeply weird

Japan is still making these! It’s just Japan.

Wait, you have to mod it to get that ending? The hours I wasted!

I know! It’s Metroid all over again!

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" the way it subverts the very idea that you can be prepared for everything, that you can know what’s coming and what you’ll need."

It doesn’t so much subvert the idea of knowing what’s coming and what you’ll need as make it an absolute requirement.

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