You sure do die a lot in this princess simulator game

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Sounds like a dating sim, only you’re dating the Grim Reaper.

As for the dead mother, that’s an anime tradition. I would estimate 86% of all anime ever made feature a dead mother, and many of the rest involve a dead father. Both at once are not uncommon at all. Cf: Harry Potter.


I gave this game to a friend of mine when it went on sale this weekend. The first screenshot she sent back (about 30 minutes later) was of the princess having died because of poisoned chocolate. Since then I’ve heard about around a dozen other possible deaths (and only 1 or 2 successful “wins”)

I think I’ll have to buy the game for myself too at some point :smile:

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A very fun game.

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what are orphanages but hero factories.

Seriously, check the background of any D&D character.


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