A talented impersonator is scamming Richard Branson and pals for millions


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/10/18/lyrebird-future.html


I hadn’t heard much of Branson lately except for that headline around two weeks ago.

The timing is surely just a funny coincidence, of course. Ha ha.


If only their money had gone to the people of the BVI, not the conman.

Maybe it will. Maybe the so-called con man is actually a kind of Robin Hood, and those millions are going to show up any day now. Hey, anything could happen, right?


I need Lyrebird so I can change my Echo to sound like Lil John. Alexa’s voice is starting to sound a bit naggy. “Hey yo John, turn on the lights!” … “Okaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!” *lights turn on



Also, did you know that the lyre bird is an actual bird that imitates other bird calls?


O man that’s awesome. Unfortunate, but rather sorta funny.

Also, I wish I had friends I could call up and borrow 2 million dollars from.


It’s just a small loan.


I did know that; my kid did a report on them last year for school.


Its not, strictly speaking, legal.


Well, all this means is that the super-rich can now add plausible deniability to their armoury. Ain’t that peachy?



For years I assumed it was spelt Liar bird (because it’s lying about what it is), even though I’d heard of a lyre.

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