A timelapse of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, from season 3 through 20

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Thank you Jon Stewart for helping me survive the Bush reign of error. Laughing with you made it barely bearable. I know it’s a huge team of hugely talented technical people, amazing writers and performers made it happen and I want to say thank you to each and every one of you people. You people! My people.


Jesus Christmas truer words have never passed my ears.


He is welcome over for coffee & hamentashen anytime!

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What the hell happened to his teeth at 1:45?

Video link for those reading on the BBS.

Oh, a “British people have bad teeth!” joke, eh?

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I had a very old hamster (about 27 months old) who was very frail, so I’d put him in a coffee cup on my desk while I worked. He was too weak to climb out, so he’d sit there and tremble for a while then doze off.

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Jon has done a lifetime’s worth of work, and I think he is too close to it really know how much good he has done. In the last year, it’s really started to drain him and he needs to get away.


Not only has the Daily Show brought some much needed humor to a lot of dark news times, it has given a start to many other great comedians.

If anyone wants to show Jon some appreciation before he leaves you can always have some Arby’s couriered over to him!

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Send all complaints to Brian Williams c/o NBC News, 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York NY 10112.


Many years ago there was a Daily Show commercial that ended with the line, “Where more Americans get their news…than probably should.”

Thank you Jon Stewart for taking a show that made fun of the news and turning it into one of the best places to get the news.


Focus on just his hair, or his eyebrows, for some weird fun. Almost got whiplash when John Oliver showed up.

Dear Internet, I would like a Moment of Zen supercut.

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