Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show

Has this not been posted by anyone yet or did I just miss it?


I mentioned it in passing yesterday in the John Oliver thread…

I’d be more sad if I could get the east coast broadcast over here. If I do watch the Daily Show, it’s at least a day late, because I can’t be bothered to stay up that late to watch it. So generally I don’t. Same for all late night TV, to be honest.

Is anyone watching The Nightly Show?

I haven’t really watched it in ages, honestly. Since we dropped cable, we’re too lazy to watch it on the computer the next day (although I’ll watch it if there is someone interesting he’s interviewing, same with Colbert before he left).

I haven’t seen the nightly show either. I like Larry Wilmore, though, so I hope it does well.

Resurrecting this, since they announced his replacement.

TBH, the Daily Show is always on too late for me to bother watching it on the day of transmission (why can’t I get the east coast broadcast, dammit? Stupid cable companies, HBO aside) so I’ve basically given it up favour of Last Week Tonight anyway.

Is this new guy any good?

Dunno, actually… I haven’t been watching the show since we got rid of cable, except for the occasional interesting video… But he has only been on the show for a while, and is South African, so that’s interesting and kind of cool.

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