Jon Stewart will return to hosting Monday nights on "The Daily Show"

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I’m glad to see him back. I just hope he’s moved beyond the bothsidesism that he exhibited a while back.



It was bad. He Blame China’d out for a bit.


The original idea was to poke fun at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally, which occurred two months earlier and harnessed the anger of the Obama-hating Tea Party movement. But it was also about liberals learning to respect their right-wing counterparts, while simultaneously chiding them for being batcrap insane. Though this mockery was ultimately civil, because it’s the media’s fault that Americans of differing political persuasions hate each other.

Stewart, the longtime anchor of “The Daily Show” and once our sharpest political satirist, has miscalculated wildly — creating a movie that will succeed in his goal of bringing together both ends of the political spectrum, if only in how they hate it equally.


Stewart’s ultimate message in “Irresistible” — that money runs rampant over our politics — may be true, but when it’s delivered in such a display of both-sides-are-bad snobbery, it comes off as a lecture from someone who’s out of touch and out of ideas.

To be fair, I think Stewart now acknowledges that there’s not any middle ground to be found with MAGAts, Xtianists, and other assorted bigots who are (unfortunately) our fellow citizens, and that the divide is real and not manufactured by the media and political classes.


The craziest things.


This feels like they’re afraid to make a mistake by picking the wrong replacement for Trevor Noah. Not that it’s going to be bad with him, but I’d rather see them take a chance on someone like Noah who isn’t well known now, like Noah wasn’t when he took over for Stewart. But it’s a coveted gig now, I think in a way it wasn’t when Stewart retired. No big name comics wanted to follow him on that show, I suspect, because they’d always be compared to him. Going with a relative unknown was a smart move then, but it also might have been their only move. Now, everyone wants that gig.


I’m not sure that’s true; I bet Roy Wood Jr. or Samantha Bee or several of the other regulars who went on to host their own spinoffs would have taken the gig if the offer had been on the table.


Yeah… I still keep hoping that was a bit of satire… :sob:


Roy Wood, Jr just joined the Daily Show a few months before Stewart left. I don’t think he was a big name at the time. And Bee got her own show that year.

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I didn’t realize Trevor Noah left the Daily Show.

Maybe my fault, but I haven’t watched since Jon Stewart left. Then again I don’t watch lots of things I did back then.

I still think some of the folks who went on to create their own shows would have taken over from Stewart if they’d been presented with the offer. Larry Whitmore, for another example.


Given Stewart’s recent pop ups, I’m a little concerned he’s lost his old edge, but I’m certain Feb 12th’s numbers will be eye popping.

If he can do a decent imitation of his old self, it will be worth all the money this Hail Mary had to cost CC.

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Sure, but I was talking about big names. Look at who has guest hosted since Noah announced his departure. Leslie Jones, Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sykes, Kal Penn. None of the people you’ve mentioned were anywhere close to that level of big in 2015.


this is in addition to him helping out the Biden campaign, right? (i am pretty sure i didn’t imagine a news story about that somewhere). He’s gonna be so busy this year. can’t wait to see him back in that chair.


Looks like just a person who worked on his show:

Edit - Biden did have him on hand for a bill signing a year ago and thanked him as well:


I do think it’s interesting that he’s only planning on being in front of the cameras on Mondays only. The other days will be guest hosts etc.

He’ll be the producer for all of it though.


That’s what this gif is for, right?


… it seemed like the whole reason he quit in the first place was that he had degenerated into a grumpy old man pretending to be Jon Stewart

… and this new scheme does remind me of NBC bringing Jay Leno back to un-replace Conan :thinking:


At least they didn’t kick off the last host first!

I cannot remember which comedian or podcaster said it, but my favorite take on the situation was something along the lines of “poor Conan, out there suffering on the street with only 55 million dollars…”

It’s funny…I hear a Conan bit at least weekly but the only time I hear about Jay is when I look for Ferguson bits loaded by the awesome jay leno fly.