Jon Stewart mocks Tucker Carlson (video)

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The more things change, the more they stay the same


after watching that am I to assume that Tucker has never been grocery shopping before?


Who doesn’t appreciate a tucker carlson mock sess(sion)? Well done getting to that Master Stewart! Yet slightly notable that this was a tailing part of a block where Stewart was reacting negatively to a negative reaction to his initial triumphal return which contained notable trump/Biden bothsiderism. A curious amalgam of “ey! it was just one initial bit!” and “haven’t I earned a break!?”; erhm… yeah probably.

Jon Stewart Fires Back at Backlash to His ‘Daily Show’ Return


“The Daily Show” host promised his naysayers that he didn’t mean to trigger them by saying “out loud what I saw with my eyes and then brain.”

On Monday, Stewart reacted to the news of his return by sharing a few of the most brutal reactions on X, formerly Twitter. Those included ex-MSNBC star Keith Olbermann’s insistence that Stewart is “a bothsidesist fraud” and suggesting that the new Monday night king disappear from the airwaves for another nine years.

In response to Mary L. Trump, outspoken anti-Trump niece of Donald who described Stewart’s comments—which took aim at both Trump and Biden—as “a potential disaster for democracy,” Stewart kind of lost it.

“It was one fucking show! It was just one fucking show! It was 20 minutes,” Stewart screamed. “I did 20 minutes in one fucking show! But I guess, as the famous saying goes: ‘Democracy dies in discussion.’”


And then Stewart devotes a whole segment to the GQPs talling point, Look How Old Joe Is. Seriously?

Hey, Stewart, free speech dies if Joe loses the election. We COULD have picked someone younger to run but we did not. It is TOO LATE to spend time belaboring it.


This episode was worlds better than last week’s. Stewart got defensive about his not engaging in pro-Biden “propaganda” as a lead-in to his segment about Carlson, which is bullshit framing of what happened last week, but I thought that aside from that the show was quite good. At least he acknowledged that there was criticism and was sort of self-effacing about it. Kind of. I would have liked a much longer interview with the Strict Scrutiny podcasters, though. I will have to check out their show.

With the pivot of tone and content this week, I feel like the criticism was effective. I’m more hopeful than I was last Tuesday.


Remember that Crossfire interview in 2004 when Stewart mocked the bow tie right off of Carlson’s neck and burned him so badly that Carlson lost his job at CNN? Good times.


I am shocked Carlson denounced Navalny’s murder. I thought Trump taught them to never apologize, seem weak or admit to any wrongdoing. Or to ever say Russia does anything wrong. The statement implies some regret over his Russia visit. He’s been praising strongman governments for years so I would have thought killing a political enemy would be right up his alley.


don’t forget the “moment of zen” at the end of the show with Putin essentially calling Tuckfuck a lightweight.

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I assume he has a producer who hates his guts and told him this would look good and relatable.


We have that same shopping cart tech here in Tokyo.

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I’ve also seen it in Italy and Germany. And that escalator for shopping carts? In every IKEA I’ve ever visited.

Bread? All the countries in the FSU do have really good bread. Subsidized to be nice and cheap for the masses. But Costco and my local grocery store also have decent fresh baked bread. As does Panera and gasp! the local bakery down the road.

He needs to get out more…


I first saw that exotic and jaw-dropping feature 20 years ago in the two-story Target in University Heights, east side of Cleveland.


Yeah I did get the distinct impression that he hasn’t spent that much time trying to do normal-person stuff like riding public transit or shopping at a supermarket in his home country for quite some time, if ever.


Looks Familiar Schitts Creek GIF by CBC


That fabulous Russian grocery store is part of the French supermarket chain Auchan. You can visit them and their escalators and carts all over Europe, without having to worry about being dragged through the snow and locked up for speaking out.


It’s been in the US for a while too, not far from where he used to live in the DC area.

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Reminds me of:


… so when was that supposed to happen then

and why bother having all these uncontested primary elections if there was this other mysterious process that happened already