Jon Stewart's return to the Daily Show (video)

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The correspondent intro bit was absolutely perfect. It was all the stuff that made the old TDS hilarious - bad green screens that are obviously next to each other, one correspondent attacking Jon in a paper thin manner, someone with food, breaking up on camera (Desi hiding under the shirt and shaking), and Jon being just confused.

It was like finding a cherished old toy.


I was expecting footage of Saint Regan saying I don’t recall. User Clip: I dont recall |


The amount of time he spent furthering the mainstream media’s hand-wringing over Biden’s age was disappointing to say the least. Predictably, the morning news show recaps focused on those bits more than his criticisms of Trump.


Thus proving his point. He’s right to say we should be examining the age of both candidates, and equally right to say the media has a bizarre hard on to take Biden to task on it while almost entirely ignoring Trump’s own age-related issues.

Glad he’s back. Sharp as ever, too.


Do we really need yet another pundit questioning Biden’s age, though? We already know he’s very old. Framing this election as a contest between two old white guys who are both mentally unfit for office is just feeding the “both sides!” narrative without presenting any realistic alternatives for 2024.


but but Jon Stewart is soooo old! (“I mean he’s like 22357 days old! how can he cope?”)


Enthusiastically agreed! The issue is competence, not the plain fact of chronological age. Biden has surprised many (me included) with his ability to accomplish much despite the constant roadblocks of stupidity and malice thrown at him by the QGOP. He knows how government works, and has chosen a group to get things done. His age is irrelevant.


Yes, because his age is an issue. And the democrats have to have a plan to deal with that and show that it isn’t. So far, they haven’t done a good job here.


It is not an issue that differentiates him from Trump, nor an issue that the mainstream media has neglected to cover in great depth already. So where’s the value in having Stewart riff on him for it?


where’s the value

Stewart found value even if you didn’t. I found value in what Stewart shared. His value was in reminding us it truly IS a fair consideration, even if we dislike hearing that. And in reminding us the media is not going to treat the two candidates fairly. He’s also A COMEDIAN, and it’s his job (just as Colbert did it recently and repeatedly on his show, and so have the other late night hosts).


Yes, I’m sure he’s getting paid well. Plenty of dollar value for him in it.

Yes again, and he’s an employee of a corporate media outlet. As a result, he can only go so far in rocking the boat and skewing leftward with his critiques.

Stewart has done much to righteously mock the right, but I don’t think anyone on the left should think of him as an ally.


“Indecision 2024”???

There is but one person to choose in order to maintain a resemblance of democracy in this country.

One. One Jon.


What would you have the Democrats do that they haven’t done? They’ve pointed out his accomplishments, which are significant, they’ve pointed out that Biden’s stutter, which he’s had since childhood, explains a lot of his speech patterns (he has to be slow and deliberate in his speech), they’ve pointed out that he’s been prone to verbal gaffes his entire career (so that’s not a product of his age or memory), they’ve pointed out the cognitive issues with his opponent, which are legion, they’ve pointed out the tremendous dangers of his opponent’s policy ideas, which are even more legion. So I ask you…what would you have them do? Specifically? With all due respect, you, and many other Democratic and leftist voters, have bought into the messaging about Biden that has been created by those on the right and perpetuated by mainstream media. And Stewart, rather than challenging that messaging, is echoing it. And that’s a problem. It’s fucking 2016 and “but her emails” all over again.


Is that more important to focus on rather than that one of these aged men is an out and out fascist? Why are their ages more important then that one of them is a fascist?

Is it a bigger issue than there being a fascist running for the white house? If so why is that the case?

Does he find value in discussing that a fascist is running for the white house (again)?

The media should point out that one candidate is a fascist.

Does he want to, though? Or does he wish to keep furthering the narrative that the fascist candidate isn’t all that bad?

Good point!

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You say the Democrats have done all these things, but not very well. At the end of the day we expect Biden to make the case to the voters. It’s early in the process, but I hope he can do that effectively. I have my doubts.

We may get lucky and win just because the Republicans are running someone as awful as Trump.

You didn’t answer my question, I noticed.


Gorsh, it’s not geoblocked! I wonder why?


Yes, the news media play no role in what the public learns about… it’s the complete and utter fairly of the Democrats whose messaging regularly gets ignored by the news media in favor of OMG OLD bullshit. /s

Once again, he’s a fascist. I don’t know why people keep ignoring this.

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I’m not being ageist, but hosting TDS is really a gig for a much younger person. Jon Stewart’s wrinkled, papery skin and thinning hair can hardly hold up to the bright studio lights. He does ok when he can read from the teleprompter, but his interview with the Economist editor really showed how much he’s slowed down. He struggled to articulate questions and basically just provided yet another platform for conservative talking points. There are a lot of other qualified candidates to host TDS available who aren’t stuck in a bygone era when authoritarianism wasn’t trying to bust in the door. Comedy Central should consider one of them instead. It’s not too late!