Jon Stewart and Colbert team up for one more Daily Show special on the RNC


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It was a lovely stroll down memory lane, but this election belongs to Bee and Oliver. Long may they reign.


I saw that last night and I was happy.


He had a healthy tan and seemed… happy.

I don’t think he is coming back.


This election belongs to any and all americans who care about the country. I could give a shit less about whose show is what. Our decency as a world power is up for grabs. Everyone who can call attention to that fact should be heard. The media has given that orange whore more coverage than god and it’s great to hear an intelligent report calling out the right wing sluts.



Happy to see that. :slight_smile:


I love Stewart’s work, and I’m enjoying his media progeny as they find their feet continuing and broadening the smart topical humour with heart movement


I like Mr. Stewart’s points, but his mugging makes Lou Costello look Gary Cooper-esque. [Kids: that means Stewart makes a notorious look-into-the-camera mugging comic look like a stone-faced laconic hero.]


That’s … kind of Jon’s thing? He’s done that as long as I’ve been watching and I’ve been watching long enough to see Indecision 2004 before it came out on DVD.


Jon Stewart has given a lot of really talented smart folks a chance to launch their own careers. He was awesome, but his legacy is so much bigger then just him. Thank you Jon.


I’ve been watching Jon since Short Attention Span Theater, and I wouldn’t trade his mugging for the world.


[quote=“doctorow”] I don’t think Stewart’s ever been in finer form

I read this as hyperbole. Then I watched the bit.

This is not hyperbole. This is understatement.


doesn’t he have something in the works with hbo or somebody?


I tried to find something about that (fingers crossed!) but instead I found that “lumpy” has “responded” to his monologue in a fashion I have found typical of Trump supporters: ignore the content of the argument and harp on some unrelated “controversy”.

I see this play out with conversations in my family all the time.

Me: “Eight months ago, you said Trump was a terrible person, and were shocked that he was as popular as he was. Why the sudden outpouring of support?”

Family member: “Yeah, but Hillary”


I’m so agree!


God I miss Jon.


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