A tiny phone that fits in an iPhone case

You could just carry a spare battery for your iPhone…



You mean the magic bluetooth earphones sim card mobile phone bluetooth the transfiguration of thumb speaker charge treasure.

That brings us much pleasure in the way.


Yep. Really struggling to find the reason for this thing. If you’re bluetoothing it to your smartphone, then they both have to be charged. If you’re using it as a “backup” incase your primary phone runs out of battery, then why not just use a case with a built in battery, or a separate battery? If you’re travelling, why do you need two phones exactly? (Ex-pats in China aside, but that seems like a pretty tiny market).

I just can’t see its value.

Cops search you, don’t realize you actually have a burner…

Given how many phones there are out there with two (or more!) SIM slots, I’m guessing there’s actually a lot of people who might want this.
Although the usage I’ve seen for a dual SIM phone was one SIM for voice, and another for cheap 3G.

This one is the AIEK design in a leather jacket: http://www.banggood.com/Daway-Chocolate-Ultra-thin-Pocket-Mini-Card-Mobile-Phone-p-955051.html

I’m good with this. Parking it on the back of an iphone case? Meh. But a 5 day standby time, for such a tiny phone, works for me.

Currently I carry around a Nokia zombie phone. Always keen on smaller, lighter, works just as well.

My first thought was that it was a smaller phone which somehow took up an entire iPhone case. Ohhhkay, I will not be rushing out to buy one. Now that I see what it really is, well, meh.

I carry an iPhone for work, and an Android for myself. Now, if they could make a small, fully functional, rooted Android that would piggyback onto/into an iPhone case and free up some pocket space, I might be interested.

Moto F3 4EVA


Talk to Brent and Davis about small phones.

OK, so how exactly does it attach to my Nexus?

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