A tiny phone that fits in an iPhone case




A tiny phone that fits in an iPhone case

Isn’t that, by definition, an iPhone?


Yo dawg, I heard you like phones…


I was like, cool! and then I was like What? I have two phone number which means two phones so this would be nice for that, but then it sounds like people have purchased such ridiculously huge phones that they just need a second smaller one that they can actually use.


Does the tiny phone come with a case with it’s own tinier phone?


… and so proceed ad infinitum?


It’s phones all the way down.


I would actually use that as my primary phone.


I see reality is auditioning for a gig at The Onion again


I work in China regularly and this is actually pretty common - you have your smartphone which still uses your home number but you can tether it over bluetooth to a phone like this to receive local calls and sms. A lot of services won’t work here if you don’t have a local number (including many public wifi hotspots.)

Keeping an international number is handy for bypassing firewall restrictions.

The actual model I use is this guy: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Mogu-mushroom-l1-magic-bluetooth-earphones-sim-card-mobile-phone-bluetooth-the-transfiguration-of-thumb-speaker/1742463946.html - yes it is the size of a bluetooth headset. Yes, it is comically tiny.

I removed the bluetooth earpiece and just slip this guy in my fifth pocket (or is it a coin pocket?). I picked it up in Shenzhen and it comes with it’s own docking station that quadruples as a portable battery charger for your smartphone, a portable speaker, and a voice conferencing platform. Super gongkai.

Alternatively you can just cary two smartphones and do a bunch of crazy Google Voice arbitrage.


Now, now. I thought it was silly when they first started putting cameras onto phones, so perhaps I shouldn’t rush to mock the idea of putting phones onto phones.



So it’s like a donut spare for your phone.

“Damn. My battery is flat. Let me put on my spare until I can get to a charger”


Did some more digging. Seems like they are using a similar AIEK reference design found in the M1/M3/M5 platform ( http://s.taobao.com/search?q=aiek&commend=all&ssid=s5-e&search_type=item&sourceId=tb.index&spm=1.7274553.1997520841.1&initiative_id=tbindexz_20141210&tab=all&bcoffset=4&s=88 ) - bunnie huang did a good tear down on the M1 a while ago: http://www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?page_id=3107

This is a weird kind of trend. The fundamental technology was all developed over there, this project is “just” skinning an existing product and adding a lot of ID polish.


Teaming this up with an ipod touch is just the sort of thing that would suit my kid.


You neglected to highlight the best part from that link: the phone is available in a color called “Tyrant’s Gold”…


Zoolander anyone?


The Chinese site I got my excellent off-brand Droid from does a little bluetooth doohickey that you can pop a SIM in, and it talks to your smartphone, supplying you with another number. Not tried it, as mine’s got 2 sim slots anyway.
(edit: derp. Just clicked the link. That thing is WAY cooler)


Thanks. My first reaction was “so… roughly the size of an iPhone, then?”


I would use this type system solely if I used a 7-10 tablet as my phone and carried a bag. Then it makes sense.

If you think that a phablet justifies a sepparate tiny phone, then why did you buy a phablet?