The tiniest touchscreen "phone" of them all


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:ring: :ring: :ring: :ring: :ring: :ring: :ring: :banana: :telephone_receiver:


[sings that all day]


The last few notes on the Bananaphone Know Your Meme article (no, not that old, why do you ask?) struck me as really funny for some reason:

However, we can see that the idea of a phone that is also a banana was also used in other places, like Sesame Street:
(video of Bert and Ernie)
For more information on Bananas, see Peanut Butter Jelly Time


Right now the smallest usable phone is this $50 gizmo. It’s a great workout phone / bike computer: Posh Micro s240 Didn’t Nokia have a garter-type “clubbing” phone in the 00s?


Just look at it!


I’m looking at it right now.


Can we start making cell phones to better fit our heads now? Holding a big old square (or a little one) next to my head kind of sucks. I can’t be the only one who thinks this, right?


When I was a kid, I only had a landline.


Why do you hold it next to your head?

OH! You’re one of those people who uses a phone to make calls. Freak.


Super weird, I know.


I remember their ‘lipstick’ ones that were apparently meant for clubbing:


I should probably just do something like this:

I guess they make ones that are for sale on amazon that just connect to your phone… I’d have to set my ringer on actually ringing…


My kingdom for a proper handset. I spend phone calls moving my phone up and down the side of my head aimlessly, or with my phone squeezing off my shoulder or cupping my tiny headphone mic in my hand in front of my mouth. I’ve occasionally fantasized about making a headphone / speaker accessory that slipped over your pinky and thumb so you could do the “phone” pantomime, but actually be talking on it. Like a less Mad Magazine version of:

link to kickstarter…really


Really? I’m pretty sure that thing would break on the first impact.

Something like this, maybe?


I want a smaller backup android phone. Something that can run current android but has a sub 4" screen. Seems like budget phones nowadays all have 5" or larger screens too =/


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