A TLR inspired pencil sharpener

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/01/17/a-tlr-inspired-pencil-sharpene.html

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Meh, don’t care for the design, but intrigued at the adjustable thickness. Might get for that price.

Nice logo, I’d almost get it just for that. “I like take a photograph!”


rollei made a crude digital version of a TLR a few years back, it even had the crank function. Not sure it had any utility tho, just seemed like a novelty item

I have a “thing” for both old cameras and pencil sharpeners.
Damn you!


I have the same sharpener in a retro robot design that can hold pencils in its hands.
The concave angle to the tip makes it the best sharpener i own for sketching.

OH shit - retro robots ARE up my alley.

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