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give it to me GIF


I was given these cheap HF mini planes from a friend who is all too familiar with my hand plane obsession. So cute and tiny! It is now my favorite pencil sharpener. Besides all my other purpose build pencil sharpeners.


The old wall hanger found in many a grade and high school back in the day never clogged.

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My favourite portable sharpener

Simple desk-bound rotary

Award for stupidly expensive, no-I-don’t-know-if-it-is-any-good goes to

Intriguing, but too much potential for personal damage with my record

But pastel pencils require a scalpel with a fresh 10a blade and supervision.

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I wonder if he’s got one of these gems:


Don’t you know how much better a scalpel is?

But seriously, I don’t sharpen many pencils these days and I always have a scalpel in my pocket and a knife on my belt.

I still have one of the hand cranked schoolroom sharpeners in the workshop.

My favourite handheld sharpener is the Faber-Castell flying saucer that my wife gave me. About 4cm dia.

That Caran d’Ache peeler doesn’t look as if it offers any advantages over an OLFA snap-off utility knife or a Swiss Army knife, although it might suit some people more than others.

The Høvel is a small brass block plane, which got me thinking. I had never tried my little palm plane like this one for pencil sharpening, but it did a good job, from Lee Valley Tools for about half the price of the Høvel.

Lee Valley also sells this cute miniature ebony-and-brass block plane for $32.90CDN, which should work.

No one so far has mentioned the good old sandpaper block, which is what we used in drafting class.


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