A TV that works only when you smile


The computer is your friend. Happiness is mandatory. Are you happy?


Yeah. That’s not going to be much use.

Does it work upside-down?

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Now they need to work out how to have the smile actually power the device.

I guess that’s one way to stop people from watching the news.


Isn’t this like telling Shakespeare that he can only write comedies, as tragedies make people too sad?

Not these past couple of weeks, for sure.


So is this the most elaborate “machine that turns itself off” yet?

(Not counting the human race, although the jury’s still out on if that’s going to go that way)


Funny. I’ve got a sledgehammer that works in a similar way, except I generally am smiling after I use it on the TV.

Am I the only one who had “Clockwork Orange” come to mind?

No way I’m going to sit around my house with an idiotic grin on my face just so the damned idiot box stays on. Besides, I’ve got a mean case of Resting Bitch Face.

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Just relax, and let the hooks do their work.

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I got a mental image of Chatterer.

Art with an upper-case F.

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You can always turn it upside down

Oh good, so now along with random men in public, my TV can command me to smile too. Ugh.

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