A useless machine that wraps gifts in 10 seconds


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/12/22/a-useless-machine-that-wraps-g.html


Xmas version of ElectroBOOM.


That was excellent.



(that is a sentence)


Soooo NOT useless.


Mr. Bean has nothing on this guy!


Love it.

But what was the hairspray for?


This reminds me of those guys who play Minecraft just to invent automated cocoa farms or something. Why? What possible point could there be? Because they can.



Probably an attempt to make the decoration balls sticky so they’d stick to the tree?

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve laughed as much the whole week, so thank you, Boing Boing. :smiley:


Does Joseph know Simone Giertz who builds stupid robots?

Something tells me they should and, perhaps, they are made for each other. “Perfect!”


imagine what he could do with a circular saw.


Doing it by hand is always more thoughtful, especially when wrapping cats.


I want to be his friend.


He looks like the technical support guy in S4/E5 of The IT Crowd that Jen and the guy from the bomb disposal team end up on the phone with.


But the best part of this video isn’t the present wrapping, it’s when inventor Joseph Herscher of Joseph’s Machines…

Nah, the best part of this video IS Joseph Herscher. That was fantastic.


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