A valiant attempt to save an air conditioner

That always bothered me too. I saw a video where a girl smashes her boyfriend’s playstation to bits, only to give him a newer better version. The old one still had value, it could have been given away or sold, but now it is nothing more than high tech trash.

Add to your list, the “worst cook” cooking shows where chortling D-list celebs waste food and screw up on purpose.

All of the things mentioned in your post are just examples of a modern day potlatch ceremonies. (expect maybe the hydraulic press ones).


Sounds like a job for Harry Tuttle.


years ago, the sound of rain on my AC was keeping me awake on a stressful night. When I lifted the window to pull it in, the unit started to drop and I grabbed it by the power cord and hauled it back in. I really shouldn’t have used that A/C for as long as I did after that…

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