Brave man paints outside of building


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Jesus that made my scrotum clench up.




I can’t say that I haven’t done something similar. I can say those days are over.


You have to be pretty badly in the dog house if that task has risen to the top of the Honey-Do list.


I marvel at the sandals.


Safety Sandals!


His employer probably values the paint roller more than his life.


Thank god he’s wearing the proper footwear. :sweat_smile:


Say, is this guy related to Air Conditioner Man?

@Medievalist and @Brian_Blank At least it’s a step up from socks!


oh my god, me too. that spike of electrical feeling that shoots from my head down my body. shudder


That young freedom-lover is unencumbered by stifling governmental regulations! Huzzah!


I can’t say that I haven’t just crapped myself watching that.



needs the proper intro music:


It would stand to reason that the most hazardous jobs are also the most highly compensated. Wouldn’t it?


I’m guessing you might make a couple of bucks an hour more as a deep-sea saturation construction welding diver, but the fresh air in this gig probably makes up for it.


The compensation… survival.


I’d have died like five times just getting there.


a simple safety rope doesn’t cost that much…