Brave man paints outside of building


He’s certainly not burdened by the cost of scaffolding, a fall arrest harness, or anything like that.


What, no roller skates?


Bamboo scaffolding, by comparison, is down to a science.


Stupid. For lack of a decent scaffold. Business doesn’t care about you.


Cameraman: Missed a spot…
Painting dude: Go fuck yourself.


That made my puckerer pucker. Although, I once helped a friend paint a 3-story brick victorian house by tying a rope around his waist and letting him swing around as I stood on the roof holding the rope. The hard part was the continuous hauling him back up to re-load the paint roller…and the screams…his and mine.


More like foolhardy or oppressed.


Little known fact: “osha” is called that because it’s the last thing you say before you fall off the building that you’re painting.


Damn, China needs some health and safety regulations. I assume it’s China because of the video caption.


I remember when I worked for a painting company in college, my first day I was on the rear roof of a triple decker painting the peak of the 4th floor attic above me, using a roller like this guy, and I backed up to try and get some spot in a corner, then looked behind me and realized I was right on the edge, about an inch from the gutter. I could see a concrete slab and some metal garbage cans three floors below me, and wondered which would have been better to fall on.


The enlightened countries of the West, tried to set up a world civilisation where, slowly every country made sure this didn’t happen because bosses were frightened to run afoul of the Unions, and the law regulated business hard. We did this because the world ought to be run for the sake of humans, not businesses.

Then American business interests insisted that corporations are “people” and “convinced” (here we need the cash register sound effect) the US lawmakers. And then aggressively marketed its “teachings” to every nation on earth. While exporting its labour needs to the countries where workers were slavies, and legislation simply purchased.

The really funny thing about this, is the business interests couldn’t have done it without the simple minded help of the American Working Man, who they convinced that Unions and Socialism were crimes against freedom . . . how, is a mystery.

Unless you are falling long enough to finish the whole exclamation " Oshaitei’mgunndie"


What’s he got to be worried about? Superman is floating right there, filming him.


How shitty a place is this they couldn’t give him a harness so he won’t die when he slips?

Now I hear that sometimes workers don’t like the safety equipment because it gets in the way…but I suspect he wasn’t given an option.

It’s his life! I have wanted to but don;t have the time or emotional fortitude to calculate how many lives/unit of consumption for various industries around the world. Like lives/ton coal, or in this case lives/square meter painted. I wonder if that would make it clearer.


I feel like “marketed” should be in quotes as well here…


I’m sure most of temperate Asia marvels at us and our fungus-y clompy shoes.


Maybe. There is some truth to your feelings, if we were to stick to inconvenient “facts”. :wink:

No specific US business organisation exists to “market” US business ideas to the world. So on a strict reading, I was engaging in hyperbole. However, I wouldn’t have to convince anyone of a certain age that in effect the US business scumbags aggressively market their ideas though. Self promoting books and speaking tours, “professors” writing economics text books and looking for markets, etc.

No doubt there is guilt here too, with greedy scumbags being too eager to suck on that rancid teat.


Bamboo scaffolding is really common in China even in metropolitan areas. It’s very strong, cheap, and renewable. When I was in Shanghai I was amazed at how commonplace this was. They really did have that down to a science.


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