Watch: Scotty travels to India to make a manhole cover

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Haven’t seen the video yet since i’m at work but couldn’t he have traveled within the US to have such a thing made? Don’t know if that’s answered in the video.

But yeah i wouldn’t want to put a self-made manhole cover on a city owned street.

Don’t they have foundries in Oakland where all the BM artists hang out?

And I wouldn’t put the first manhole cover I made on a city street, but maybe the tenth one.

@frauenfelder, thanks so much for sharing this. I really enjoyed watching it.

My experience working with Indian people is that they have a nearly universal can-do attitude. I don’t know if this is a cultural thing, or a result of some kind of perceived power dynamic, or what, but it impresses the heck out of me every time.

They do indeed; I would have thought The Crucible would be the logical place to find someone who could help him out with that kind of thing. But hey, I wouldn’t mind taking a trip to India if I had the chance.

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He should just steal one from San Diego, they’d never miss it.


I really admire communities where resourcefulness and high drive to get shit done on the cheap is high. Kind of wish i had more manual labor skills like wood working and whatnot. I’ve been mulling over taking classes but the cost at some places near me is really prohibitive for what i can personally afford.

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Have you checked your local community colleges? There is one somewhat near here that had an amazing program for Fine and Creative Woodworking. Tuition was something like $600 per semester, and taking a single class got you use of their excellent woodworking shop. We moved too far away, or else I would be taking classes there.

As a hobbyist, please be careful not to take a slot needed by someone learning a trade. The place I visited had an assortment of full-time students and hobbyists, all getting the same quality education and access to the same tools.

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$600 for a semester is unfortunately out of my price range right now. I checked recently and found a local class offered by a shop or trade school (i think) that’s 175-200 for something like 7 or 9 classes. And its right on the edge of what i can afford, i might save up and see if i can take the jump next year. I worry a little bit that i won’t get much out of it but perhaps i can schedule a site visit before i decide anything.


It’s more fun if you skip the classes and spend the money on tools :slight_smile:

But on the other claw, you can meet interesting people at the classes, and that’s fun too.


Definitely do a visit. You might find that you can’t stand the instructors, or that you’re expected to provide your own tools. Or you might find that it’s your new number one want. I hope it turns out great.


I like to be able to have some initial guidance. It’s hard for me to learn on my own, which is why i have a hard time with online classes and the like. But i’m also not against meeting cool people with similar interests :slight_smile:

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A few of this guy’s other videos are about building his own iPhone from parts he bought in person in China. So I guess this sort of thing is his shtick.

At the end of the video he also comes clean about not being 100% comfortable after all about the idea of replacing a manhole. He cites things like the ones in use being designed by actual engineers and whatnot.


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