Elaborate DIY parking spot

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2doep. I guess it doesn’t snow much there!

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Well that’s one car that won’t get stolen! Any idea where that is?


He is stuck with the particular car model for life, though, because it fits like a glove.

I don’t know, you could probably fit a couple of dozen different models of compact in that space. It’s not like there’s a huge variation in design.


India, according to comments on the YouTube page.


not the best get away position to be in

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Yeah, aside from the fact that it requires him to drive on the sidewalk, which is illegal everywhere.

Someone has never been to India :stuck_out_tongue:


“I saw a sign on a guy’s garage that said ‘Don’t even think about parking here’. So you know what I did? I sat right there and I thought about it. I yelled up at his window ‘Hey buddy, I’m thinking about it. Go ahead, call the cops. I’ll just tell them I was thinking about something else.’”–Paula Poundstone


She should have just parked there without bothering to think about it.


I’m sure I would gun the engine a little too hard and go right over the back of that ramp he built.

So, no thanks, we’ll put bikes in that “garage.”


It’s clever, but I’d be pissed at him if I was his neighbor because he’s lowered the sidewalk and created tripping hazards in the grooves he added for the wheels of his contraption.

I promise to never again mutter c’mon at my garage door’s slowness.


I see this post is under the category “car culture.” It seems like an example of trying to marginalize something by naming it. I drive a car, so now I’m part of “car culture.” I have to think long and hard about the responsibility I bear by participating in this car culture thing. Imagine that we decided to call people who did not violently murder their mothers as materpacifists and those who did not murder their fathers as paterpacifists. We could start asking people “Are you a materpacifist?” and they would think, wow, I guess I am, do I have to justify not killing my mother now? Am I not one of the cool kids now because I didn’t try the other option to see which was better? I bet lgbtq people get tired of being labeled too. Let’s just be ourselves and leave the labels off.

The risks that people take in the name of safety.

There’s always Japanese Kei cars, if he finds other cars too long.
They are limited to 3.4m x 1.48m x 2m


Maruti Zen! The vehicle I learnt to drive on…

It hasn’t been manufactured in years, so he’s already kept it for quite a while now.

On the other hand, there are several vehicles of a similar size he could get; Maruti Suzukis for the most part…


But tolerated in many third world countries. In Malaysia for example, foot paths are universally used for car parking. A Malaysian relative of mine, visiting me in Australia was outraged when I insisted on parking my car on the road.


Put down the bong. Especially if you’re about to drive.

Anyway I’m not seeing how this is any cheaper or easier than calling a taxi

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