Photo of four guys standing on spire of LA's tallest building


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I thought just sticking a non-structural element on top didn’t count for “highest building”, anyway?

(Edit: didn’t realize this was a new building. And the debate seems to be around spires vs antennae)



Good thing they have those hard hats on.

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If you think the guys sitting on the spire are brave just think of how terrifying it must have been for the poor bastard holding that camera.



I even know some line men. One was even Native American and he would walk on heights with what seemed like wreckless abandon, but he just knew what he could and couldn’t do. I mean you can walk all day in a straight line and not fall. No reason that wouldn’t work 100 feet in the air on a ledge either. Personally I hate heights.


Ok this Pokemon game is getting out of hand.


I do not know who said it first, but it applies to me:

I am not afraid of falling, I am afraid I’ll jump.


Wow, so much nope in one photo that on the scale of nope it manages to fly past “fuck no” and move into some category all it’s own.


‘The helmet is now wearing you for protection. Later on the
helmet’s talking with the other helmets going “It’s a good thing that he
was there or I would have hit the ground directly.”’ - Jerry Seinfeld.


Seriously. Someone could drop a wrench or something.


i can’t even look at that photo without getting a serious, strong ZING of terror feeling that starts at the top of my head and zooms down my spine into my legs. good lord, i keep looking at it and trying to imagine being there, and omg NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE… i mean, all it takes is one slip, or one big unexpected gust of wind, or… faints


I’d like a photo of the 4 guys on the spire plus the guy evidently hanging from a crane to snap the original photo:

(So, research indicates it was a Gopro attached to the crane.)


The number nein train to nopeington station; with stops in nopeville heights, whaaaa village, and thefuckville has just departed.


I had the same thought, but realistically, it’s probably a drone.


Hanging on to a drone for dear life with one hand while holding a camera with another? That dude is crazy!


Tom Cuise says “That’s cute.”


Possible, but given how wide angle that lens is, it would have to be really close. Crane would seem implausible if it wasn’t for the fact there was a crane used for installing the spire. Could be a guy in a basket. Or it could just be a still from a go pro on the hook. Either way, I think a drone is less likely in this case – especially since the first photo at the linked article appears to be from the hook with a shackle and sling in the foreground.


There have got to be better ways to get high than this.


Jeeze guys!?! NO one is going to mention that there’s only 3 guys standing on a spire?? One of them is sitting!!! Sheesh.