A Very Ununsual Title IX Investigation


This whole thing is confusing. The professor identifies as lesbian, but apparently the the plaintiff has emails detailing her advances toward him, a gay man.

It’s unclear how many actually signed the letter. Apparently the author(s) added some at least one academic without their consent.


NYU just suspended her, though right now it is only for a year. As details of the alleged assault come out, she increasingly seems like a very odd person. Here’s yesterday’s NYT article on the story:

Last June’s letter supporting her is jaw-droppingly stupid; it is as if all the top people Literary Theory around the world got together and wrote “don’t ever take me seriously again.”


It certainly reads like a textbook example of all the bad arguments deployed in defense of male predators. I don’t know how the author(s) ever expected it not to go public. But the backlash it’s received from many within the #MeToo movement is encouraging. I think most people recognize the importance of holding people accountable sexual misconduct regardless of who they are.

That’s the important thing IMO. She should not be around students.


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